Thank you, this was Stencilio.

see the features

Thanks, it was a great time!

Unfortunately Stencilio was not able to gather the cirtical user base and survive the first 12 months after launching the iOS mobile app.

That‘s why I had to stop and deactivate the app now in 2018.

The heavy work of developing the platform was an extremely precious experience for me and I am glad & thankful, that I was able to do it.

Thanks to all, which supported me and the idea of Stencilio in this time.
It was really great!


Creativity is part of the small things in your daily life.
Get inspired by Stencilio and catch those moments.

I help you
to unleash your creativity.

Everybody is creative. Some people know their creativity very well, other people can just see the boundaries and things they probably aren't able to do, because of the missing skills.

You are anonymous

All the members of the stencilio platform are anonymous.
Except they are keen to represent themselves.

You are free

Stencilio let you work with a lot of different media types.
You will be able to choose whatever our digital world allows to do.

You are creative

Let stencilio enrich your daily life through triggering
your «creative mind» at moments you choose.